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                                                                                                   February, 2018

Dear Fellow Goats,

                I hope everyone had a Great Holiday Season and are looking forward to better Sailing Weather.

        This past December we had two IGSS Events.   On Friday, December 1st, under the direction of Past Commodore Tom O’Laughlin and Vice Commodore Tim Hoffman, we again helped decorate the Christmas Tree Ship, the USCGC Mackinaw, to dress it up for its mission of bringing joy to many needy families.   Thank you for the help of those Goats who came out to help string lights.

        The following evening approximately 90 Goats and their guests attended our Annual Holiday Party.   We were joined by several officers from the USCGC Mackinac.   As always, the cocktail hour was very lively and the Chicago Yacht Club put out a great buffet for those who opted to stay for dinner.   Thank you to Peter Barrett, Jerry O’Neill & Bill O’Brien for entertaining the group with a few memorable Mac stories from Back in the Day.

        You should have already received your 2018 Dues Notice via email.   As we did last year, we are offering the opportunity to pay your dues through PayPal.   This saves us some mailing costs and makes it easier to pay dues to those members who elect this option.   Of course, you still can send us a check if you wish. Please help us avoid the unnecessary and time consuming process of sending second notices by either clicking here to Update your Information and Pay your Dues Online or printing out and returning the Dues Notice with your dues payment.   As in the past, the notice requests that you respond with information regarding the previous year’s race.   Let us know if you did the 2017 Mac and if so, on which boat.   The ability to hold down our costs using e-mail helps maintain our Low Annual Dues.

        The IGSS continues to support Mackinac Island through the MICF Ambulance Fund and we also support The Chicago Maritime Museum. Please use the Preceding Links if you wish to donate to these worthy causes.

        The British Virgin Islands were hard hit by two hurricanes and are still suffering.   To help the islanders, ABC Communications, the yachting community, corporate leaders and prominent media outlets have established an Online Program to Help Raise Funds.   If you would like to contribute to this cause, please click link to contact Candice Kuhnen.

        Our next event, the IGSS Spring Dinner, will be on Saturday, May 5th at CYC Belmont Station.   At this event we will be inducting our new Goats, mark your calendars now.   You will receive further information as the date gets closer.   You can always find updated event information at www.islandgoats.org

        Remember, if your Boat has Competed in 25 Macs, you can get it registered as a Goat Boat. Please use the Regular On-Line Membership Application putting the boat name as the applicant’s first name and list the years that the boat sailed the Mac. Use your full name as the last name and don’t forget your contact information. Also, if you have a friend who should be a Goat and hasn’t yet sent in an application, be sure to remind him or her of the April 1st Filing Deadline for applicants for induction at the Spring Dinner. The application is available www.islandgoats.org.

      July 20-21 is the Start of the 110th Race to Mackinac.   As always, we are all looking forward to a fast and safe ride.   Of course, we will have our usual cocktail parties, pre-race at Columbia YC on Friday July 20th and post-race on Tuesday July 24th at The Island House Hotel.

        If you are looking for Goat merchandise, go to our  Goat Store  for ordering information.   In addition to regular items available at our events, the site provides information on ordering from Land’s End, who can add the Goat Logo to any of their gear.

        I hope to see you at the Spring Dinner and the Parties before and after the Race.

        Please include the following dates in your calendar:
May 5, 2018 – Spring Awards and Induction Dinner – CYC Belmont Station
July 20, 2018 – Pre-Mac Party – Columbia YC
July 20-21, 2018 – Starts – 110th Chicago Mackinac Race
July 24, 2018 – Post-Mac Party – Island House, Mackinac Island
December 1, 2018 – Holiday Party – CYC Monroe Street Station

        All of the Flag Officers and Board Members wish you and your family safe passage to warmer weather.

                                                                                                    Shawn O'Neill
                                                                                                    IGSS Commodore

The Red Eyed Goat Head Logo of the Island Goats Sailing Society        

Shawn O'Neill

Tim Hoffman
Vice Commodore

Peter Barrett

Larry Kwiat

Angela Graham

Tom O'Laughlin
Past Commodore

Gary Allie
Don Glasell
Angela Graham
Jack Kunze
Jamie Lowe
George Morrissey
Allan Teske
Bob Zeman


Bruce Hillstrom
Deane Tank, Sr.

Shawn O'Neill
IGSS Commodore
5016 Lunt Avenue
Skokie IL 60077



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