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                                                                                                   June 2019

Dear Fellow Goats,

       Our 60th Annual Spring Dinner and Awards Ceremony held at CYC’s Belmont Station was attended by 175 Goats and their guests decked out in their finest attire.  Manager Candace Towery and her staff worked hard to make sure the evening was a huge success!

       Our prestigious Freshwater Award was presented to Lloyd Karzen, for his contributions to sailing that surpass the ordinary and which exhibit the spirit of yachting.   One item of note is that Lloyd has been the Mac Race Island Coordinator since 2002, including making sure the Mac Race Finish Trailer is operational each year.   Therefore, Lloyd has been the First Goat to the Island for the past 17 years!

       Tracy Brand, William Dooley, and Henry Schroeder reached Master Mariner status by competing in at least 50 Mac Races race and were awarded The Master Mariner Award.

       Fastest Goat to the Island Awards went to Bill Alcott, Tom Anderson, and Ron Sherry on Equation in the combined Racing Division.   Angela Graham, Robert Kolar, Tom O'Laughlin, Skip Ryan, and Mark Snell on Broderi in the Cruising Division.   The Smoked Goat Award went to Lawrence Wilhelm on Troubadour.

       Geronimo C&C SR33 - Sail # 50326 owned by Herb Philbrick was awarded The Goat Boat Award for finishing 25 Mac Races.

       At the dinner we inducted 23 new Goats who provided us with the traditional telling of their favorite Mac Race story.   Active Goats are now more than 380 strong.

       We also remembered the passing of 5 Goats since last year’s dinner: James Romanshek, Thurston R Kohler, Richard Corbett, Robert Phelps and Warren 'Bill' Emery. We would like to know whenever any Goat Passes. If we’ve missed anyone, let us know.

       We will again be hosting our regular two parties around this year’s Mac.   The Pre-Mac party will be Friday evening, July 12th, from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm, on the upper deck of Columbia Yacht Club.   Hors d’oeuvres will be provided and each active Goat will receive two complimentary drink tickets.   Some of our sponsors will provide us with door prizes. Afterwards, Columbia YC offers a buffet dinner.   Reservations are strongly recommended and can be made by calling Columbia YC directly at 312-938-3625.   Major credit cards will be accepted.

       A Post Mac celebration will take place on the porch of the Island House Hotel on Tuesday, July 16th from Noon to 1:30 pm Island Time.   Your first drink will be provided by the Goats, after that, a cash bar will be available. North Sails, UK-Halsey Sail Makers, The Chicago Yacht Club, Columbia Yacht Club and others will provide door prizes.   If there is someone on your boat that is doing their 25th Mac, be sure to tell them that they are invited to this party as well.

Flag        Again this year, we will have a fun award for “Goats on Boats”.   We will recognize the Mac boat with the highest concentration of senior Goats, and recognize the Mac crew with the highest number of Goat years.   Look for the “Goats on Boats” contest announcement later in June.

       I am also very pleased to let you know that Peroni Brewing Company has sponsored hats for the Island Goats for 2019.   All IGSS members can pick up his or her hat at the post-race party at the Island House.   We are very grateful to Peroni for their support and we encourage you to choose Peroni when you have the opportunity.   Peroni is available in cans so you can bring them along for your post-race celebrations.

       In addition, our annual Holiday Cocktail Party is scheduled for December 7th at Chicago Yacht Club-Monroe Street Station.   This is a great opportunity to bring your spouse/significant other into the city for early holiday shopping and to enjoy the camaraderie of fellow Goats.

       If your boat has competed in 25 Macs, please use the   Regular On-Line Membership Application   putting in the boat name as the applicant’s first name and list the years that the boat sailed the Mac.   Use your full name as the last name and don’t forget your contact information.

       If you are looking for Goat merchandise, go to our  Goat Store  for ordering information.   In addition to regular items available at our events, the site provides information on ordering from Land’s End, who can add the Goat Logo to any of their gear.

        Safe sailing!   See you this summer.

                                                                                                    Tim Hoffman
                                                                                                    IGSS Commodore

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Tim Hoffman
IGSS Commodore
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